Youtube and P.R.O. Music

Dear Envato team,

I just came across this section in your “Buyer’s Guide to Performing Rights Organizations and P.R.O. Music”:

YouTube as the online “broadcaster” has already obtained a blanket P.R.O. license for all content played from its website. So for example if your video that uses P.R.O. music will be streamed online via YouTube, you should be okay.

As far as I know, this is not true for music from composers who are with GEMA, the German P.R.O.

So could you please confirm that youtube has obtained a blanket P.R.O. license for music whose composers are represented by GEMA?
And is this also true for every other P.R.O. worldwide - there are many of them)?

From my experience, this is an important issue for video editors and producers…


Envato allows authors to register their music with the PRO of their choice.

However, they leave all responsibilities with the authors. Some P.R.O. (especially European PROs) have different ways to collect royalties and they may or may not have provided Youtube with a blanket PRO license. You as an author need to know your PRO’s policies and decide if it is compatible with Envato’s terms. Which is crazy if you ask me.