You're only as good as your customers say

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Envato Author, PixelGrade shares their tips for ensuring you’re providing the best customer service.

We live in a world where success continues to be the hottest topic. From startups to huge companies, from digital makers to WordPress authors, everyone has written at least one line of what success means to them in their particular industry or how important it is to touch the peak of the iceberg.

Just typing ‘‘success in Wordpress’’ on Google you get 72 million results in 0.36 seconds. Magic, right?

A bunch of inspiring quotes are posted online every single day. Some of them remind you that failing is ok (do it like a PRO!). Others try to convince you that work-life balance means having a clean desk and a lovely job. You can either procrastinate or work hard. You can be the cool digital nomad traveling around the world or a super dedicated employee. You can live with little money, or you must aim to raise billions from VCs.

It’s all there. Every single possible scenario is covered. People spreading opinions about how you should act to achieve a particular level of success.

At PixelGrade we strive to avoid this kind of approach and focus on what matters to us. And that changes as we change and our set of core values evolve.

It’s okay to be vulnerable

We’re all living within different situations and limitations. Each of us have different constraints when that affect our work, like ensuring we devote enough time to our families. Striking the right balance between these two worlds can be a struggle.

There are always going to be times when we want to dig deeper into our work and find those rare diamonds. There are times when we want to sign out of everything and connect with our inner selves. Neither of these are necessarily right or wrong, and no one should really be claiming to know any kind of universal truth.

Instead we at PixelGrade simply choose to accept we are human and work towards our sets of goals and desires, while embracing our challenges and ups and downs.

We’re not afraid to show our full selves to our coworkers and clients. As long as we do our best to deliver the best possible solutions to their problems and give them what they’re looking for.

While we strive to keep our private lives private, we’re not ashamed to sometimes be vulnerable.

See beyond today and tomorrow

We put a lot of focus on keeping our minds healthy and avoiding “10 step” style lists that claim to offer quick ways to success.

Instead, we have a strong focus on the present and the people who love to buy and use our carefully crafted WordPress themes, those who are now on board and ask for our attention and involvement, and those who are already in this puzzle. And yes, customer support is a crucial part of our business as we touched on previous in our story about our Happiness Heroes and how they strive to keep everyone happy.

We choose to focus on these tangible types of goals rather than looking for quick fix solutions certain guides offer like:

  • What would it be like to have billions of customers?
  • What if we’d managed to sell this specific theme and make some serious money in a couple of hours?
  • How should we change our marketing strategy so that we convert an amount of customers each hour?
That’s not our dream, nor our focus.

Make a habit of being grateful

We prefer to be aware of what happens today and to get the job done in a way we’re proud of that lasts rather than marking things off a “to-do” list. In a minimalistic way, that could be translated into creating WordPress themes tailored to creative doers' needs by putting all our experience, know-how, creativity and courage into this beautiful journey.

You might be tempted to say that every single WordPress Author does the exactly same thing, but you’d be wrong. And you know why? Because—as Jason Friend (@Basecamp) wrote, “you play like you practice”. And some of them skip the gym without hesitation.

That’s why we truly believe that we’re only as good as our customers say. If they provide negative feedback it’s most likely because they have a point. It’s not a matter of right, wrong or just wanting to have a debate, it’s our responsibility to actively listen to whatever they have to say and to take it from there.

On the other hand, if they send us huge testimonials regarding our common work experience, this is most likely because we gave them something they deeply needed at a certain moment in time.

It has less to do with money and more to do with the number of customers that increase from one day to the next. Yes, they help us pay the bills and have a lovely life, but the meaning goes beyond this.

For the time being, we have more than three thousand ratings and more than 33 thousand people taking money out of their wallets to spend on our WordPress themes portfolio. Thanks to their constructive feedback we’ve managed to evolve and create better digital products. At the end of the day, taking good care of our customers will get us closer to whatever we deserve. There’s no other way around.

Perfection comes over time (after intense work)

We’ve given it our best shot to attract and maintain clients that are happy with the overall experience.

Who are eager to use our themes in creatives ways. Who appreciate the great effort we put into transforming an idea into a beautiful WordPress product.

No growth hacker, no investor, no success coach, nobody can make it happen for you. It’s your fight. Reconsider for yourself. Or for the sake of your business, coworkers, dear ones. You will thank us later.

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When you allow a competitor the opportunity to create, or re-create, the buying vision, you open the door to lose everything. When ideas stop flowing, when the relationship becomes stale, and when the focus comes off the customer, you create the opportunity for your customer to find better solutions elsewhere.

This is such a great motivation for me. Anyway, our team do a continual evaluation every week in order to increase our work and our customer sanctification. Many thanks!