Your uploaded item "Universe Title" rejected. Could you tell me, please, why?


The preview of the project is HERE.
"Thank you for your submission. We really appreciate that you chose VideoHive to sell your work.

Unfortunately, after reviewing your item ‘Universe Title’ we found that it’s too far off the standards we require, so you’ll be unable to submit it again."
Dear friends, could you tell me, please, why this project is hard rejected?


If you’d uploaded it a couple of years ago, it might have got accepted. But there’s quite a few similar styles of logo sting on VideoHive, and most of them are a lot more polished.

To get accepted, you need to make sure your items are as good as, or better, than others, if there’s already a bunch of similar stuff on the site. The more similar items there are out there, the higher the quality needs to be.

Good luck!

PS. Careful with copyright as well. If it’s an exact duplicate of somebody else’s (or a large movie studio’s) work, then you could get in trouble!


I actually don’t feel that the quality is any bad, I think it is pretty good.

However, it is a 1:1 copy of the universe logo and this is a copyright problem. I’m not saying that the other Universe-Style intros already available are totally okay copyright wise (I have my doubts about them, tbh), but they didn’t resemble it so close as this one.

My suggestion to you drgost: You have talent, use it to create your own works, don’t copy.


Its very simple why it got rejected - its a copy


Thanks a lot for the comments.
I’ve seen the works of others authors of the theme “Earth Logo”. And some of these works have been approved in spite of obviously copyright of the “Universal studio” logo. I thought I could do better, therefore I’d like to reply motion of the sun, stars, title, etc… to create more similar view, as “Universal studio” did. But this project has been rejected. And I’d like to know the reason:

  1. the copyright of the “Universal studio”
  2. this project looks not good
  3. something else


this is my guess.
Only Reviewer knows if that was the reason, but I’d say that quality-wise your project is fine.


Hello Drgost :

my opinion is that this is not a copyright issue but that other versions are prettier than yours :slight_smile: No offense, there are already too many similar versions.

Demo 01
Demo 02
Demo 03


I this such 3D style looks outdated already, but mainly the reason is copyright