Your uploaded item needs improvement

Hi there, I would like to publish my first item on codecanyon but i received a message tells “Please resubmit with higher quality, better-designed main preview image.” and i uploaded a new image but i got the same email, I just want details so i can solve the problem and upload the new image.

Share your images here if you need advice from other authors


in main preview image should be good meaningful image with 590x300 px. your image looking blur. you should focus your item main features in text and in right side you can set a screenshot of your item demo. text should be good alignment and proper spacing. if you want to use screenshot then should be high quality. Also item title should place in the main preview image.


color contrast need improvement. text color and alignment not good. you can use less space for screenshot for example remove mobile one and make desktop one more view. you need to more highlight text content. you can make firebase & Flutter in one line.

sorry for being unprofessional but this my first time to upload a project.

  1. no need to remove firebase & Flutter icons
  2. features text make same alignment with the title. and reduce line height (mean space between lines)
  3. remove small device screenshot or place an screenshot in mobile device
  4. right side desktop screenshot make more viewable (full width viewable, to make it height can be less than 300px)

In short make it professional. no one will tell you do this and do this again and again. you should use your own best creative concept.