Your uploaded item Health care theme rejected


Please check my template and why reject my theme.



your themes is basic I think so rejected.


Thanks for reply .But why


Why need more better your themes for example more information and your work is very little, need more themes for example your can make 10 more themes differents for accepted :slight_smile:

do you understand me?
sorry my bad english


Not issue your english is good.i can easily understand.this is 4th rejection on theme.i am always upload new theme.How can i solve this issue


Please my case that your need more works but also your check w3c html if wrong code html your can fix it. Also your wait other author says better that I.


Sir till now you are uploading theme on themeforest


Never but I every days see forums other author also rejected sell themes.

I love help with authors :slight_smile:


Sir thanks you are kind hearted mean my theme is simple?


Yes I already say that your themes is basic. You need more improvement themes.


which types of changes need in this theme

  1. add more element your website for example about us, testominals, etc but much more
  2. also add multi themes (no same page, it’s separate (about.html, etc)
  3. check your w3c

Do you understand me?


Yes I am understand


Hey thanks its good for checking error.How can we manage css.You have any other option


Only html check but not need css


Ok thanks.In future if i will build other theme firstly i will contact with you.If you don’t mind


With all due respect this is miles off the standard and everything needs work.

  • validation issues in the code

  • fundamental basics with typography, spacing and hierarchy

  • attention to detail needs work e.g. the services are far too animated for a medical site and the content is misaligned in them

  • It is very generic in design and other than some of the titles nothing which defines it as a medical template

  • there needs to be way more to it in terms of features, elements, pages etc.

  • why are you using inline styling (this has to go)? Whats with the multitude of stylesheets? What do all the ‘themexxx’ stylesheets do?


Sir i am not understand what is mean of inline styling.Please confirm


I mean inline styling i.e. attached within the HTML.

I just don’t get why you chose to use this and why there are multiple ‘theme’ stylesheets - each with not a lot of rules in them and what they control given there is only one demo of the site?

Why this approach?


Sir do you mean that in my theme 7 or 8 stysheet add.there is not good?