Your Themes do not work with LearnPress 3.0

You need to test your theme upgrades or refund money. They do not work with LearnPress 3. I tried Eduma and eLearningWP. Neither work. And getting support is like pulling teeth. Still have not heard from you guys! Been over two weeks.

I did all the updates. Still no Go!!!

eLearningWP does not allow editing courses. Gives circles and does not show courses when user logs into the website. Course Page has no courses.

Eduma allows editing courses but when you go to the website, it just hangs. Hour glass in stuck mode.

I bought two themes and neither works.

If I roll back with my backup (older LearnPress) . Everything works.

Hi @Coroneldp, thanks for sending us your feedback about our themes. However, seems like there are some conflicts within your website so that LearnPress 3.0 is not working properly on your site. Have you updated both themes to the latest version, update database and follow other steps required related to updating from LearnPress v2.0 to v3.0?

Also, to quickly help you solve this, I forwarded your message to our supporters and they ask if you could create a support ticket on our VIP support forum for Eduma so they can discuss directly with you and try to help you out.

You can check this note on how to create a support account and create a topic:

We’re very sorry for this inconvenience with the themes.

There has to be an easier way for support. There is no number to call? Why you make it difficult?

Both themes have been updated. The LearnPress database is updated. Yet, still broken. Why does Education ParkVersion 1.1.3 By Yudlee Themes work with no problem?

I agree that is really hard to get help from this group. They make it so difficult. I am very unhappy with the response. Any where else I have dealt with is super quick