Your theme is broken!

Hi guys,

More than a week ago we submitted a Wordpress theme for a review. For three times we get answer “Your theme is broken” and this screenshot

The problem is we cannot replicate this bug anywhere on our machines - we tested it on local and live server at office and home, with Macbook, Windows and Linux, on different PHP, Apache, Nginx versions and configurations.

The problem is we don’t know which systems and configurations are used by reviewers for testing our themes. Did anybody here faced the same problem?

I think it’s an .htaccess error.

Thanks for your reply! We understand that this is the problem on the server. But this error gets the reviewer on his computer. And how we can prove it is not the theme bug or how we can fix it to let the reviewer install the theme? That is the question :frowning:

They won’t describe their testing environment because every theme and plugin should work on different / unpredictable circumstances.
Try to change your code where it works with WordPress routing and rewrite API.

If you want, send me your URL, and I could tell you if I have the same problem on my browser.

post your URL here to check what we can see!

You should take a video for reviewer

On my installation all perfect. that error receives theme reviewer when is try install theme on his local machine.

Thanks. Most likely we should do this

We’ve got the same issue with our on-line store few weeks ago, and it was not a problem with server, template or wordpress installation. I can’t tell for sure but it seems that was an issue with Chrome browser, everything has started working fine after browser update. I can bet that your theme is working on Firefox but giving error on Chrome, and this is clearly not your fault.

Thanks for you reply! We are submitting again to our reviewer with this info and hope to receive approve this time :slight_smile: