"Your payout was rejected" for a few months now

After envato moved to the impact affiliate program, I had $4.36 left in my original envato affiliate account.

Now that I’m using the impact system, I’m no longer filling the old envato affiliate system’s account with referrals and it’s stuck at $4.36.

Now, every month, I’m getting an annoying “Your payout was rejected” email. I need that $4.36 moved to my new affiliate account and the old account closed so I can stop getting those messages.

Obviously, this should be written as an email and not on the forum, but I can’t find a support email address for Envato.


Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


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I understand the payout is monthly. This thread isn’t a question about when they will pay out.

The problem is that last October, I switched from Envatos old affiliate platform to the new platform (impact). I removed all my affiliate links from the old platform and replaced them with new affiliate links in the new platform. I’ve been getting paid just fine from the new platform since I switched. No problem getting paid.

The problem is that I had $4.36 left in the old platform, I’ve been getting emails every month saying “Your payout was rejected. $4.36 is below the $5 threshold and can not be paid out until the threshold is met” I will never meet that threshold in the old platform. I have no affiliate links for the old platform anymore. I’m getting these messages every month and it’s annoying.

The solution is to remove the $4.36 from the old platform and deposit that in the new platform, then to close the old account from the old platform.

I couldn’t find a way to contact envato about this so the best answer is the answer with the link to submit a support ticket from mgscoder. It seems like envato hides the support ticket link somewhere on their site, it’s easier to find the forum which I can understand, they want everyone with trouble to post here so they don’t get bogged down with support tickets.