Your own website - worth it?

Hi, been thinking about having my own website to promote my audiojungle catalogue. I’m sure any kind of outside promotion is good, but I wonder - how would anyone see the website? Without serious money put into advertising, I can imagine the site being lost well down the google results. It would be great if the website had some views - perhaps getting some affiliate payments and featuring certain tracks, but would it be worth the work if no-one ever saw it?

Your thoughts, experiences, stats?



I have my own website but they just effectively found by customers after 1 year. Some of my referral and sales came from my website and it’s just less than 5% of my sales. Just my experience, I believe there are many authors having their own website. :wink:

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It’s good when we have our own website. But you have to make more SEO activities to get views.

You should have patience. It’s not like “hey I have my own website now I’ll have thousands of customers immediately”… Forget (at least) the first 6 months / 12 Months, and there is not any guarantee after that too. But think it as an investment for future. Write quality articles about your profession, search for the less popular keywords and do your part to be displayed at the search results’ first page (not impossible for sure, but takes hard work, and when I say hardwork, I mean it), but most importantly write for people. Teach them something about your profession, teach some tricks & tips ; even give some freebies. Build content that people will love to read / watch. Be everywhere you can. Build an email list, be on social media (waste of time but surely better than nothing), be on YouTube, be on LinkedIn, Behance etc. etc. And if you’re selling on Envato, that may be your advantage because you can send great traffic to your own website & vice versa (if you promote the items you sell on Envato & if Google not automatically eliminates your efforts with a new NonSense algorithm) - Search for Google Search Updates and learn what Google favors the most while listing search results - Also, it’s good to know that Google is not the only searchEngine on the planet ; but surely the biggest one. Think about the other search engines too :slight_smile: At the end, the key is, to create content for the sake of the people not for the search results. Build it, and they will come :slight_smile:


Thank you @JonnyMakesJazz for the nice topic! I thinking about own site too.

Thank you @Bedros for info sharing! Very useful!

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Instead of own domain it is simpler to use youtube and vimeo.

Hi Jonny,

Just a thought: if you go ahead with the idea of your own website, do not choose a generic template, but try to keep it coherent with your Audiojungle design (same logos, black & white plus that hot orange, etc).

I think you have a very strong branding vibe going on! :sunglasses:

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not worth, it does not work at least paying for promotion

thanks @Nonzerobot, i keep trying to come up with new branding but i think what i have already works pretty well.

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thanks a lot, great advice @Bedros!

thanks for all of your replies, this is something for me to get stuck into in 2017!

totally worth it! don’t listen to what other people say here, start your own blog, read a few articles about how to set up some wordpress page and start promoting your files. if you do it even half right you will profit form it longterm.


Well, having a website is definitely a positive thing. I use my website to publish my AudioJungle items and also to sale other things like loops and sample packs. Is not a must if you want more sales, but as you can see most of Elite authors have a website.

I also publish automatically from the website to social network every day.

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