Your Opinion on my Logo

Hello all,
I am looking for your opinion on my logo for my new English language school. I want to convey a professional, stylish and strong idea. The 4 rings represent a few key concepts in my branding (teams of 4 student, I focus on the key elements of English i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking, I have 4 elements to my method of teaching, the fact that the children I teach build lego, etc.). The chain represents the idea of building strong English. The colors represent both the british and italian flags.
I would really appreciate your opinion regarding the dimensions of the logo, font, etc.
What do you think of it?
Please dont say that it’s complicated and that I need to have a simple logo that I can put on an app. I know its complicated. I’m Ok with that.
Thanks and I appreciate your feedback.

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The thinking and intention behind the logo are very good. I especially like the blending of colors to represent Italian and English.

The type treatment and tagline are a little weak. You should look a little more closely at the relationships of the letterforms. The tagline is a little ambiguous. If I saw it in passing, I really wouldn’t know what you do, or what you want of the viewer.

I’m also a little worried about your white link. If it were printed small, or viewed from far away, there isn’t enough contrast; and so it disappears. It’s also very important to be able to represent the logo in a single solid color. I’d be interested to see how it reads in black & white.

Hope that constructive! Keep up the good work!!

Wow thats for that! Would u like to help me improve it?
I appreciate your feedback

Sure! I don’t really have the time to do it for you, but I’m following your post. So let us know when you have something new.

I’d start with the B&W sketch and possibly creating harder shadows to get that separation on the white link.

Cool what about font combination and dimentions / proportions ?

I think the proportions and spacing between type treatment are perfect.

How’s it going with the logo? Make any progress??


Logo looks great! I actually agree a bit with @flink843Bels about the white color. You might consider an outline perhaps on all or some of the squares. Also consider a logo will mostly be printed/visible in smaller scales so perhaps enhance the Colors a bit more? Otherwise you should try the Font RODUS (see google) which is a font that might go with this logo better.

Hope it helps.

The thinking and intention behind the logo are very good.this logo college
is very appreciate.

It’s also very important to be able to represent the logo in a single
solid color.

Hope that constructive! Keep up the good work!!

It looks great! You can tell that you took the time to add depth to the image (shadows and such) and it looks really nice! The concept is also well-thought-out, it does seem to convey the idea(s) you were after!

My absolute first impression – I like everything except the tagline font.


The more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s actually quite fitting for “strong English” – Was that intentional? How did you select that font? (Just curious – I think the copy is the only reason I’ve come around to that font in that location).

Nice job, bud! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone really