Your opinion on informing the client of possible Content ID track protection in the future.

I 've searched for an answer but I couldn’t find any.
So, I would like to know your opinion or if there is a strict “law” of AJ disallowing the scenario of putting a txt file in the main zip file, of the track - the client purchased, to inform him/her the possibility of registering the track with YT CID protection in the future, so he/she will send the YT video link after uploading it, so I can add it to the whitelist, so that video would avoid any claims. Thinking of adding this info of possibility in the info of the track in AJ track page too.

Thank you.

That’s a great idea and it is allowed.

It’s always a good idea to inform your buyers. But in this case, it’s pretty confusing. Why in the future? Why are you not registering your music now?

It would be much simpler to register your music now and add a pdf file explaining how to quickly lift the claim with a license.

Also be careful when using the word whitelist. In this context, It usually applies to whole channels, not individual videos. As whitelisting is not guaranteed 100% by third-parties and can lead to abuse, I would stay away from that term.

That’s true.

And that’s true either. You can unclaim specific video instead of whole channel.