Your opinion on a comment on this Halloween tune....?

Hi, I have a halloween themed track, which is inspired by old tv shows like the munsters, addams family etc. I used izotope vinyl to give it an ‘old sound’. However someone has commented that the eq makes it unusable?

What do you think, should i ditch the retro eq, or keep it sounding authentic?
Here it is:

Don’t ditch it, it sounds fantastic! I’m sure some buyers will appreciate it. I would simply add an alternate / fuller version. Best of luck! :grinning:

Great track and cool sound! Just add a regular version as Stardiva said.

I love the track, you can include two mixtures, it’s great…

Thanks a lot guys, yes I think I’ll add a ‘normal’ eq version


After some communication with the gentleman who made the comment on the track, I removed the retro effect, re-uploaded, and he has purchased a 10 million broadcast license. It pays to listen to constructive feedback! Thanks @stardiva @Hyperprod @DastAudio


Congratulations, I want my 10% :smiley:

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Ha! I’ll remember you when I retire on my royalties!