Your opinion is important!


Question to the videomakers! Your opinion is important! What would you like to see in a music pack?

  1. Tracks in the similar format, structure and similar mood (eg: Epic Theme 1, Epic Theme 2, Epic Theme 3, etc.);
  2. Tracks in the similar format, structure and different mood (eg: Epic Theme 1, Inspirational Theme 2, Motivational Theme 3, etc.);
  3. Tracks in the different format, structure and similar mood (eg: Epic Trailer, Epic Theme, Epic Titles, etc.)

Thanks for attention! Sincerely, Nicolas T


my opinion! I think it’s better 3 ?


Thank you for your opinion. I think so too))


In my opinion the best option is 3.

The main reason is that when I’m looking for music, audio, sound fx I have a specific video project with one specific theme. For example if I’m making a some kind of extreme sports video and I find track that I like and feel that it suits the video good then I’m really interested in buying it. But if it has more themes with different moods it is just an extra tracks that I don’t really need at that time. Then comes the natural thoughts like “why should I pay extra for something that I don’t need?”. I try to really focus at one project at the time and usually buy the specific mood audio, but the different format and structure in pack is what really helps to adapt video to audio or vice versa and make it look like audio and video were made for each other.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:
That’s just my point of view I’m sure that there are a lot of other video makers that work in different ways:)

I hope that helps and Good Luck with Your work :wink:


Hi, i choose the option 1 and a recomendation to all audiojungle authors videomakers needs the same track with differents lenghts, the most used lenghts in videos in 0:15sec, 0:30sec and 1 minute, Regards


Many thanks! I really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: I think I would do it exactly the same))


Thank you so much! Your opinion is taken into account . It would be very nice if you gave a link to the track , where there are versions for the best to your opinion) )