Your opinion about this track rejection

Happy New Year Envato community! I’m really interested in your opinion about this track rejection to better understand what tracks I should not upload :slightly_smiling:

Happy new year!
I think the biggest problem with this track is the swing rhythm in the drums at approx. 30 seconds and 2 minutes. It doesn’t work against the the straight eights in the other instruments. And the fade-out at the end is a big no-no, make a proper ending to the track :slight_smile:

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The sound is great, but in addition to Hyperprod I would say that the track becomes better from 1:00, but it needs to be more steady or quantised and/or a bit cleaner. Just my opninion though…

hi, i am not a music expert to say the least but it seems to me that this is a bit too much in the same rhythm for a long while and i kind of feel a bit disturbed by the drums in the back, for me they look a bit uneven there’s kind of something strange being generated by their sound indeed

hi RudVych, it could be that the track doesn’t go to the point very fast in my opinion, it feels like the intro is long. best!

Many thanks guys for your time and advices! Good luck!!! :slightly_smiling:

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