Your leisure time during quarantine!

Hi guys! Share your experience of sitting at home :joy:

  1. What is your hobby now (at home) during quarantine (except for remote work)?
  2. Aren’t you bored? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, 1. Recently I really got into playing Call Of Duty Warzone’s Battleroyale :smiley: so that’s one thing… else I love making food and watching good documentaries :star_struck:
2. I am, sometimes just by being paralyzed with all the options on my hands (could watch a movie, could play a game (soo many games :D)… could even work on the weekend to increase my income…) :smiley:

Previously meeting with a friend or doing something outside would usually resolve this, but now sometimes it’s, funnily enough, quite rough :smiley: Especially when you work at home all week and then even spend the weekend at home with your family… some tensions can arise :joy:

I feel like I’m more of an introvert, someone’s who’s ok with being at home, but even this at times gets me super bored and just tired and annoyed :smiley:

What about you @CleanMagicAudio ?


Hi @Atamotion!
Thank you very much for your reply, it is quite interesting. :+1:

As for me: I began to play chess more often (I used to be fond of them, but not as active as now :slightly_smiling_face:), but now, there is free time for this. And also: Now I go in for sports every day, I have a horizontal bar near the front door (I can say I didn’t notice it for some reason before :joy:), home dumbbells came in handy for me, and I also plan to buy “punching bag” home so that I can train and practice blows (the old punching bag disappeared somewhere, but I noticed this only recently :joy:). In general, sport saves me from all kinds of depressions of depression and other things, it raises my mood pretty well. Of course, I still do not have enough walks in the fresh air and at least some kind of diversity from home.

As for food, on the contrary, I do not watch any cookery so as not to gain excess weight (in general, as usual, oatmeal and tomatoes and fried eggs). :slightly_smiling_face:


Whisky, Monopoly, Deep Space 9, bit of food.


Working on some casual mobile games for Android, consuming rather large amounts of music and staring into the fridge, disappointed at the lack of decent food.


I quit smoking 51 days ago (after 12 years), and quarantine helps a lot! So i try to be healthy as much as possible! A pair of adjustable dumbbells, pull up bar and Athlean X and Buff Dudes videos are my new hobby)


Actually small change here, besides working from home instead of studio. Still all my spare time goes to my little kid who has mastered the skill of sleeping well already but constantly refuses to show it :slight_smile:


It is very good! :+1: I fully support!


Great choice! Ahaha :rofl: :+1:


Care for children in such harsh clock, always requires attention, and rightly so! :+1:

Hi @AurusAudio!
There is a proverb: “in the refrigerator, the mouse hanged itself!” :joy: You’re right, cooking is not the easiest thing (including for me :joy:)!


Guys, there are too few of us! :slightly_smiling_face: We are not shy, and continue to share experiences in this topic. It is really very interesting, and also helps us get to know each other a little closer! :wink:

How did you adapt to quarantine?


Work most of the day, Vodka, music and chess from dusk till sleep. @CleanMagicAudio, are you on Wanna play a few rounds sometime? :slight_smile: :chess_pawn:


Hello @WormwoodMusic ! I have not been there yet. As soon as I register, I will write to you in PM. :slightly_smiling_face:

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In the mornings, like an abnormal climb into a sequencer to listen to what I composed yesterday:) Further sports :muscle: and breakfast!

After 10 years of smoking experience, I quit this bad habit on January 11, 2020! I am very happy about this, and in connection with this started to gain weight :sweat_smile:

My house is looking at a football stadium, :footprints: and after winter, green grass has already grown on it. :seedling:

I prefer to watch video tutorials on creating music so as not to turn into a dinosaur :turtle:

When there is free time for my ears - my love games like NFS, Sacred & C.S 1.6

Recommended Server C.S - ( Server in Pakistan )

With my knowledge of the English language it certainly looks a lot of fun :crazy_face:

I will be happy to see you online:)

Every evening I listen to different music collections :notes: that inspire and just like. I sort them to my musical taste in order to share with you as well! Have a nice day guys!


Given we have the greatest library under our fingertips (and, assuming we are able to distinguish “irrelevant” data from “relevant” data) there is no reason to get bored.

I also have an exercise routine (it takes about an hour, and I do it on a daily basis - no excuses!) which involves FIVE TIBETAN RITES + some push-Ups, pull-Ups AND A VEGAN DIET that I enjoy a lot (even though I eat only one meal a day)

And of course, we have good music:


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Hi there! :slightly_smiling_face: What do you do in quarantine (except for remote work)? We still have not seen or heard you, but we want to hear from you! Curious! :blush: Please share your experience! :wink:
That would be very interesting!


Thanks for asking. We are doing the same as we did before, we learn marketing stuff to be more advanced in this topic and we also have a dog so stay home with him & play a lot. Listen to fresh indie music & editing new videos for our YouTube channel, home gym, cooking more… normal kinds of stuff :smiley:


@HoneyLoud So far, we are not forbidden to walk with a dog on the street. ( in my city).

You will not believe! I look out of my window! 6 times a day different people walk the same dog !!! :joy:Three, four and five people (go and walk with one dog and hold on to one dog), poor dogs are tired of walking! :sweat_smile: It is just horror and laughter at the same time! The dog is now like a cover! :joy:


Right now I seem to be cooking and eating too much :wink: But I’ve been slowing picking up the acoustic guitar more and doing a bit more exercise so that I don’t come out of this looking like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.