Your last sale was $120 22 hours ago. . . omg


Amazing guys, for the first time I’ve sell a big license (brodcast 10 millions).
I’m very very happy! thank you envato and all team and buyers for the opportunity!


that’s nice! congrats! =)


Congratulations, Mathias! It’s an awesome feeling! I remember my first big license. It was such a rush to see my balance jump up like that! :smile:

Plenty more where that came from! :wink:


Cool! Congratulations :blush:


My Congrats too!!! It’s very exciting!!! I wish you a lot of such sales in the future!!!


Congratulations Mathias! and now pay attention to tv you could find they are playing your track in a tv spot or a film! :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s nice! That means people actually buy those licenses, haha :smiley:
Thanks for spreading that info <3


@JamesVMusic yeah, is really an amazing sensation :smiley:


ooh, it will be awesome


Wowww I remember those feelings, congrats mate! :smiley:


Wow Wow Wow :smiley: Congrats


Congrats…Very special feeling :smile:


Awesome, congrats!! :smiley:


That’s awesome! Great feeling, right?


Nice job MathiasGodgave. That must have been a rush of excitement for you!


Congrats man! Gotta love those big licenses!


Wow nice that’s like themeforedt money, didn’t know anything could be sold for that much on AJ.


yeah I love them!


Awesome feeling :slight_smile:


Big Up! Nicely done sir.