Your items, (footages), has been rejected. Help! :)

Hello, videohive people!

I recently created a YouTube channel where I post videos of music for meditation. To do this, I needed static video footages with views of nature - flowers, forest, sea. A lot of footages! I was hoping to use a video from Envato Elements, but there are very few such video videos there. Therefore, I decided to shoot such videos myself, (I live near the forest, it’s easy for me). A few days ago I uploaded my footages to Videhive, but yesterday they were all rejected due to poor video quality. I don’t understand the quality standards on Videohive, so I ask more experienced authors to explain to me what is wrong with my video. If not laziness, of course. :slight_smile:


Ultra HD 4K - 3840 × 2160
30 fps, exposure time 0,60s
Custom White Balance
20s, 300MB

No sale potential in such clips. Take a look at the work of the succesful authors and see what are they creating and inspire yourself from them.
Grass and ducks are not in demand :slight_smile:

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Thank you, DC_Studio!

The reason for rejection is video quality, not content.
P.S. Unfortunately, the works of successful authors are totally unsuitable for my needs. For me, using sliders is a disaster. And for successful “meditative” authors on YouTube, finding a static video is also a big problem. Many authors have to use computer graphics because there are no such videos on stocks. Although many of them are subscribed to video stocks.

Anyway, thanks for the answer, DC_Studio!. :slight_smile:

acctually means no or low sale potential. an iPhone today can produce the technical resolution and other specs needed for stock footage but that does not mean we should shoot on it. You can check this blog post for more info:

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Stock footage with static camera are in demand but you need shoot more interesting and beautiful scenery and less blurry.

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