Your item, Woo Pop-up Product, has been rejected

Hi, I am Umer

I have created WordPress Plugin, basically plugin Woocommerce extention. In this plugin user can add Pop-up Product with any product simple product type.Suppose user adds ‘B Product’ with ‘A Product’ as Pop-up when custom adds ‘A Product’ in cart the ‘B Product’ will auto show on Pop-up window.
Similarly user can add Cart and Chechkout Pages Pop-up Product when customer visit cart or checkout pages Pop-up will show.

I have submitted to Envato. First they mailed me with some improvements and mentioned missing Demo URL. I have submitted again with demo URL. After few Hours they mailed me that “[CodeCanyon] Your item, Woo Pop-up Product, has been rejected”

I have submitted these details to Envato you can visit below link to check

My Plugin Code is based OOP and folder structure is


Is I shall submit Plugin again ? And what are reasons they rejected Plugin? How I can solve this issue ?


Your documentation looks great and well done on submitting this item as well - always admire authors who create items :slight_smile:

But if it has been hard rejected unfortunately you will not be able to resubmit this item again in its current format.

So how i can submit it ? what improvements Envato want to do on plugin ? Its really sad response from Team without highlighting issues unfortunate Item is rejected.I have spend many time on it. I am also Divi Module Developer and also using Divi Marketplace.

Its not good to reject Item without identify issues. Its not professional approach

In your first post you showed the Envato Team rejected the item because “it isn’t at the quality standard to move forward”. The review team are looking at many applications every day, and to make a specific response for every possible rejection reason(s), would just take too much time. Whilst this may be a disappointment for you I would urge you not to give up.

But what does mean about “it isn’t at the quality standard to move forward” PHP code,html,js documentation from where I will get proper info to meet quality standards ? What should I will change in my Plugin ??


Visit this link here:

Look at the plugins already available and then see how authors who have been approved have demonstrated their plugins. This may then give you an idea of how to present your plugin in a more favourable way.

It’s not that the plugin is necessarily bad, but perhaps the way it was presented did not match the criteria for acceptance. At least you tried - now try again but look at other ways of presenting your plugin by seeing how others have done their submissions.