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My latest approved track . Thank you for listening.


Latest approved… My first Trailer listing on here -
comments welcome!





Thanks to review team! =)


Yeeesss! My second approve. Thank you for listening and feedback




My latest approved item:



Hi everyone!

Hope you’re having good weeks :smiley: I’ve recently joined Audio Jungle and had my first track accepted (and 4 rejected lol!) woop woop! Thanks for checking out!


That’s awesome :smiley: Congratulations!!! I’ve uploaded 5 tracks so far and had 4 rejected :frowning: I was pretty disappointed but happy to have had one accepted :smiley:


Latest approved





Awesome. That’s a blessing and a great accomplishment to get that one track in the door through Audiojungle. That means you’re doing something right. And it is pretty tough to get music through. Just keeping pushing and working hard and never give up on your passion. You will get there.

Just noticed an artist today that has 28000+ sold. So the possibilities are there for all of us Audiojungle artist to soar.

Have a blessed day.


Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging reply :slight_smile: Great advice and I feel encouraged to keep going so thank you!!

Woww that’s incredible!!! Can’t ever imagine getting to those kind of sale numbers but as you say, it’s great to see that it is possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish you all the very best with your work!!

Thank you, you too :smiley:


New approved epic one yet :slight_smile: