Your item, Spring Party Poster, has been rejected

Hi, I would like to know reasons of rejection about placing my works on Envato.
Because I apply 10 works but none of them was accepted.
If you reveal the underlying reasons of the rejections I can fix them.

Kind regards,
Elshan Guliyev

If you post a preview of your flyers, we can give you some advice.

This is second rejected.

I`m looking forward to get your respons :slight_smile:

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It’s the text layout that you need to keep working on, the graphic elements look pretty nice. So on the Spring Party one, the main large “Spring Party” title is nice, good font. But the rest of the layout doesn’t look good. The main title is actually positioned too far down the flyer (making the design look unbalanced), and the other text just doesn’t look great. Especially “THIS SPRING” - that just looks ugly compared to the font used as the main title. Font pairing is for me the most difficult part of typography, you have to learn to choose 2 or 3 fonts that complement each other and look good together. That font might be OK for small text, but THIS SPRING looks bad against the Spring Party text.

With the Spring Festival design, the styles on the text don’t leap off the page, so the text doesn’t really stand out well enough. The fonts are perhaps OK, but the layout can use some work, probably better not to have absolutely all the text in the lower half of the design.

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