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why not accepted ??
as if we are sending a query to the ministry…

i got bored of it…

please check the quality standard required , before resubmitting

I understand the effort you spend. Everyone has a story here. First of all, your design may not really want to hear it, but it is not envato quality. Please don’t be upset and don’t get me wrong. It is best to try again to go further. Try again and make sure there are better results. I want to give some tips so you can get good results.
A site where you can be inspired while designing 1
One of the most important things in design is space and alignment.
Usually 2 fonts are recommended as fonts. Heading and paragraph font for this, you can look at your favorite fonts with the fontfaceninja extension and apply them to yourself on the sites.
Choose high quality images for color matching contrast and get colors compatible 1 You can also get support from this site. You can use freepik, unsplash for images.
You can use freepik, unsplash for images.
You can reduce the size of the images on the site you give the demo link, you can use for quick opening.
H1 title tag is used only once on a page, note this. Use absolutely error-free.
There is a site called where you can download free themes and examine them. You can examine the products made in the last year, the quality standards of the download.
When you throw your application, you do not throw the pictures, you only use the placeholder image.
Documentation should not be forgotten.
In other words, the experiences I have come to my mind may be useful.

Good Luck !

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