Your item, has been rejected - Suggestions for improvement

I had the project rejected and I would like the forum members to know how to improve it so that it can be accepted in the codecanyon.

My project is a cash flow application for businesses and individuals.

As Envato did not give me feedback about rejection I ended up drifting aimlessly into the motive, but I would like to improve it.

The access data is:
Password: 123456

I leave a suggestion to the staff of the packaging to put checkbox fields with the common reasons for rejection of projects for review staff to select the reasons and send them along with the email, so at least the author has minimal feedback on the rejection.


my first impression is that it does not have any presentation.
what it does ?
as customer just one word ‘cash flow application for businesses and individuals’ does not make me interested.
create landing page for it.

i think to enter username and password is bad way for customer to test application.
just use as default value for field.

tell user that you are in testing mode.