Your item has been rejected...Please, explain what are wrong with file?

created two PSD designs for ThemeForest,
I agree that first was ugly and rejected
but with a second I do not agree, Please, explain to me what are wrong, why rejected with “you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”?

here are preview images

Just link the demo image not the full download

removed PSD, but if rejected, think that can send for free to all because can’t sell anymore :wink:

You can’t “Give freebies away” and you can potentially resubmit assuming that you make enough of a radical change (not if you share the file for free first) and lastly people will be hesitant to download dropbox links to give advice.

The best option is o link a demo image of key pages here and then you can get insights from he community

great news, but what about this 'you won’t be able to re-submit this item again"?'
and I still don’t know why it’s rejected, I tried to use all standards that need for ThemeForest.
If you know, can you explain, what is wrong there?

I’m pretty sure that it’s better than some PSDs that approved by ThemeForest. Used just free images with a license to modify, every element layered and has name, icons self-made.

No idea what wrong.

Without you sharing the image here no one can tell you what the issue may be. (Sorry I am not downloading Dropbox links from forums).

That message means as it is you can’t resubmit but if you make enough changes, to the point it is almost like a new file then submitting that is an option potentially.

updated, added images to the first post, thanks

I’m not a designer but:

  • The design and some of the features feels a bit outdated

  • Some fundamentals esp. typography and spacing could do with work

  • Is it just a one pager? This is ultra difficult to get approved in PSD category

The biggest problem you will have is that PSDs are increasingly hard o get approved - here is zero room for error and there has to be obvious versatility, scale and premium value

Authors need to ask why would someone want to pay for a design and ultimately code it instead of the very very high quality pre coded alternative which is as good/usable/more suitable

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It looks ok, you need to choose better font, increase spacing and heading font size, add more unique design detail :slight_smile: improve and resubmit, they do allow you to resubmit after fixing all issues