Your item has been hard rejected

Please help me with feedback

I would really like to know what improvements can be done ?

Why does it say that the theme was made by UIDECK in the footer of your demo? Do you work at UI deck? What’s your relation to them?

To use the template…we need to give credits…The license says that ! Thats landing page that is made by UI deck…

Theme was made by us …if the them is rejected and has quality…its very much sure the UI deck would have not done this kind of job which gets rejected.

Well even then, you cannot include licensed work that doesn’t belong to you. Even for a demo landing, you are expected to do it yourself.

Apart from landing page ? can you guide me with the Admin template itself ?

Honestly it’s not bad but it does feel generic and a bit poor in terms of design. Try being creative, add some cool subpages, work on the typography and the color scheme. You should also include some illustrations from time to time