Your item doesn´t have a ful demo setup / or the demo URL It´s broken.


I sent a site theme. But it was concluded as "Your item doesn´t have a ful demo setup / or the demo URL It´s broken. ".

Incoming mail;

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “SRT - One Page Single Product Site” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

Your item doesn´t have a ful demo setup / or the demo URL It´s broken. Unfortunately this is seen as Queque Position Reservation and it won´t be tolerated as it creates review delays. Please resubmit your item once you feel it´s ready.

Please contact Envato for further assistance.

What could be the reason for that.

Site theme link:

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Sorry, where is your live demo? Where I can see features from your theme like “Automatic Google maps”? There are buttons “Live Preview” and “Admin demo” but with no links.

OR is you theme just this one page - ? If yes, this will not pass.

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@CocoBasic yes, you have reason.

Thank you for your information.
I have not sent a theme to Envato before.
Also in Turkey Envato Not enough resources related to some problem occurs so well. Because I need to know a good English and my English is weak.

Coding structure I think it is appropriate to w3 standards.
Is it necessary to correct elements such as blank spaces and typography on the page?

The theme on the link is live preview.

The features mentioned in the Template “Site Features” section are not the features of the theme.

The rationale of the theme: For example, you sell a “script” and you promote this script. In the “Site Features” section you specify the properties of your script. In the “Live Preview” section you add a live preview link for your script.

I apologize for my bad english.

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Ok. It is too basic/simple, that will not pass, sorry.

Thank you so much.
Can you briefly tell me what I need to do in this regard?

Is there a logic fault in this design or is it missing in terms of visualization?
What changes do I need to make?

On your live demo, I see couple of buttons, one/two image and contact form which does not work - all this can be done in two hours.

You need content, sections, features and a lot of others. BUT, also your design must be much better.

Sorry, you are far away.

Here on forum you can find a lot of authors which have PSD and they are looking for the partner which will code it in HTML template. Maybe you can start with that.

As far as I understand, the buttons and forms found need to work, and the design is not quite enough.

As you said, I can work in common with PSD writers. This will be more useful to me.

Again, thank you. I wish you good work.

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