Your item, Blogger Template, has been rejected


I need help with an article that is a “Blogger Template”, and they have rejected it twice and I do not understand why, they do not say why they rejected it.

I would like you to help me, what a mistake I am making.

View Demo:
View Demo:

Faryfront - Theme Preview

Well, I think that Is a not bad theme. The only problem (and I think that Is the main reason for rejection): you provided One only, single page (and this Page Is also too short). Please, make some inner Pages, home variants ecc ecc (It isn’t enough to put “more Pages coming soon”). Also some sections appear unfinished and ugly, like the contact (last section) section.

Good luck!

I understand your comment, I thank you for clarifying those parts for me. I will implement what you told me.

Thank you very much!