Your item becomes Trending

Hello guys, like for many others in the past, seeing my item as trending, arose some unanswered questions in other topics.

1.It doesn’t seem to be clear what influence item to be trending. Whether its traffic, sales, or what else potentially?
2. How long does it might take for item to stay trending?
3. Is one item can become trending only once in a lifetime, or in bursts?
4. Solely from user perspective, I find it hard to get those ‘filterings’ by such types. They are only available if a search is done, but if you go into categories of ‘templates’ - there is absence of ‘trendingness’


Trending is just an indication that your item is popular for some reason. The formula for it isn’t public, but it probably considers a variety of factors. It’s possible to be trending with no sales, so it’s definitely not based on sales alone.

There’s no limit to how many times your item can be trending, and the trending lasts so long as your item remains popular.


Hey Bailey, thanks for your response, this makes sense and answers most of the questions already.

My thought of process is - if Trending badge is clearly affected by one behaviour or the other, then it would make sense to spend more effort on that specific aspect. On a different end, it sounds more like an ‘unknown factor’ rather than actionable path to follow :slight_smile:



Your goal should be to increase sales, not whatever triggers the trending badge. What good brings you the trending badge if you have 0 sales?

Thats a spot on insight from someone, who is aware what brings trending badge ON. Since I was not - that was my concern. In the end - being among the trending items with 0 sales as per your example, is still better than being with 0 sales and 0 exposure at the bottom of templates stack (at least theoretically). Do you agree? :slight_smile:

Besides maybe some other factors, the trending badge does come with increased traffic. There is traffic that leads to sales (good traffic) and traffic that leads to no sales because people are not looking for your product but are clicking on your item because they thought it is something different, were clickbaited or whatever.

Getting bad traffic is easier as getting good traffic, because you don’t have to target your audience. At the same time, it does not convert into sales as much (or at all).

Trending badge may help you with getting targeted, good traffic as your item may rank higher, but as we don’t know what factors trigger the trending badge, you may end up loosing search ranks because of the high bounce and exit rates on your item because of your low targeted traffic that tells the algorithm your item is not good (or why else is everyone looking at it and not buying it?).

What you really want is increase your sales. Try to do that. Trending badge will come when you succeed with that. Trending badge may come also when you do something else, but why not do it right the first time and spend your time on something you actually want to achieve, than in something you think will help you with achieving it?


Completely agreed ! The thing is - I just thought there is ‘no magic’ behind item becoming as ‘Trending Item’. Which lead to this post - in order to clarify when, and how it might turn out beneficial.

As you perfectly covered above - it is not something to chase specifically to achieve, its just a result of factors - thus, not much to cheer about, either, haha.