YOUR GAME: Your taste and why?

Hey All,

These days I’m working on a few side projects, and one of them is related to games (yes, again) but this time is more personal and not a studio / clients project.

The question is:

  • What kind (style) of games do you love or enjoy the most, and why?

Please try NOT to focus on a specific game but on a genre or style, while you can give example of specific games related of course. Just one tiny “rule” to keep it not too long:
Please keep it up to 2 game types. Yeah, I know it’s hard.

In my case it’s a bit complex because I like so many games, my list could take few pages because it’s not only from 8-Bit consoles and PC, but let me try to minimize it:

1 - Simple 2D platform games from the 80’s to 90’s for example:
Sega Master System: Black belt, Alex Kid, Wonderboy, Shinobi and many more…
PC: Dangerous Dave, Commander Keen, Another World…

2 - Strategic games: Heroes of Might & Magic

Explain Why:
Mainly because I grew up on these games since I was young and the nostalgia took over me, but also because with all the FPS and many other style of games out there, I always find myself getting back to play the old, simple minimal games.

It shows how old I am, right? that’s because I’m a Dinosaur… :wink:
I hope to see more community members share their likes, it will be great to read about your tastes.

  • Sorry about my bad English.

NOW, it’s your turn:


Sports games over here! 8 bit and 16 bits brings good memories tho :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing!
More people are welcome it will be nice and helpful as well :slight_smile:

Oh, I like playing computer games, I was great fan of them in my teenage years and I still play them time till time, however now that happens not too often because adult life is much busier :stuck_out_tongue:
My the most favourite one is Half Life 2, in my opinion it’s the best games which had been ever made. I played it so many times and I dream about releasing third episode some day. They should end that amazing plot! :slight_smile:
I also like GTA, Hitman and Alien VS Predator series, the last one from them was really good. BloodRayne is my favourite too, in my opinion it’s one of the best ones in case of main female character. Chaser, Thief and Prey are good ones too.
I like some mmorgs too, especially Cabal, Shaiya and World of Warcraft. But I don’t play them often because I don’t like much that donating thing for such types of games.
And I adore virtual gambling, especially microgaming slots and card games, it’s a great fun for me too but I’ve never spent too much money on such games.

Destiny 2
Call of Duty World War 2

I like strategy games on the PC when I’m playing single player and sometimes multiplayer. Usually ones that I can relate to history (but do not follow a historic campaign). Specifically, Europa Universalis IV, Age of Empires 3, Stronghold Crusader, and Mount and Blade Warband are among my favourites to playlaughing
When I’m looking to play online with friends, I usually play games like CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), Brawlhalla, Warframe, Left 4 Dead 2, Rocket League, or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.
Somtimes I have a feeling to play online poker or Raging Rhino Slot. Why not
I don’t stick to a genre. I also enjoy coasting around on GTA V, or building a base in a survival game like Rust or YLands or Minecraft. Or even managing my own company in Game Dev Tycoon, my own gladiators in Domina, or my own island paradise in Tropico 5.laughing
When I’m feeling console games, I play Super Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 8, Mario Party 4, Animal Crossing, Pikmin 2, Pokemon Colosseum and Gale of Darkness.
I also like picking up my DS every once and a while and playing Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Pearl/Diamond.
So many games, so little time.

Make something like pacman - simple game, addicting like d…s hehehe do not copy, think what new can be good as pacman. You have good example like angry birds - not complex but very funny, or game like worms :slight_smile:

I started to play old Prey a week ago, it’s an old game but I heard many positive reviews about it. At the current moment I can say that it’s a good one, has really interesting plot and playing interface, however it’s really a scary one and rather specific in case of plot so I can’t recommend it to everyone. Atmosphere in it reminds me in many ways famous Alien VS Predator games and they’re really scary.
I’m also trying various online games All Aces Poker because I adore gambling and was curious to check the virtual types of it. In general they’re nice but there’s so much scam for them that I’ve become tired of checking firstly every game I tried… Live casinos and so on seem better for me but maybe my opinion will change in future.

I enjoy games that have good audio design, regardless of the genre. Recently, I found an indie game called “Darkest Dungeon” that has the best audio design I’ve seen in the gaming industry, better than big name games like Skyrim and Portal. All of the sound effects are pleasing and cogent with the abilities of characters and contribute to the overall aesthetic of the game, and the voice acting is well done.

RPG and Co-op games :+1:t2:

There are many interesting games!!!

Really…There are many interesting games. But there are games that you go through in one breath. One of this games is Good graphic, interesting story…it is about Vampyr. Try it!!

online games?


glass of whisky, few friends and this:


And believe me - we are not nerds, when you play this game face to face sometimes there are fights in real for fists hehehe specially after whisky :slight_smile:

kids - don’t try this at home lol