Your first mixing headphones

Your first mixing headphones.
Hey there, did everyone here remembers his first headphones, used for creating / mixing music?
I realize, that sometimes i took from the shelf my Technics RPF-880, with them i listen some details and high freq. And then i realize that headphones is more then 10 years old, and they was first for music creating, and the only who lives that long.
I got others, but this one, is special.
Who else have a special headphones? )


I’ve enjoyed the Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs for a lot of years. They have served me well, but are worn out at the head strap and ear cups. I really need to put them in my shrine of treasured equipment. But then I get to thinking about how well they are performing for me…and inevitably I decide to put them on for another mix :slight_smile:

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AT have a great models, definitely deserved been put on for another mix :headphones:

I am a headphone freak, I could go on forever about the amount of headphones I’ve had & broken :slight_smile: haha, but the most honest pair of headphone’s I’ve owned for mixing are my little Samsung Ear Pod’s that I got with my Galaxy S4 back in the day, It just spells out disaster if there is any sibilance :smile:

Many years ago my father had an audio system called “Aiwa” (the original one from Japan). There were also Thomson headphones, I do not even remember the name of the model) It was 1997, if I’m not mistaken) Then I did not mix, I did not even know how to play musical instruments, but when I first heard the album “Dibionion Bell” by Pink Floyd on this equipment, something changed in my mind. For me, a whole world was opened, until this moment I did not know about its existence) I began to listen to music all the time, and I really liked listening to it in headphones, plunging completely into what was happening. Much has changed since then, but this audio system and headphones are still working! Of course, in fact they sound far from flawless, but when I was a kid, they seemed to me ideal) Now I use Audio Technica ATH-M40X. In general, I believe that the best tool for work is one that you know, you know its strengths and weaknesses. If you make great mixes in cheap computer speakers, then this is your tool. Perhaps this is all, otherwise deviation from the topic is possible))