your feedback about HTML template

please give me your feedbacks about this HTML template before I upload it
template link : grapholio | photography portfolio HTML template

remove *

Link doesn’t work - are you trying to remove it?

Error Links, it’s not working links

copy the link and remove * in the link

copy the link and remove the star *

As people have said before - aside from the smart images being used, there’s nothing new or unique to the design, layout or features.

You need to add a lot to make it more interesting, premium, and stand out

thanks, one more question do I have to add put my email in documentation for support, is it allowed or not ?

Totally up to you if you want to include it

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thanks :hearts:

80% of the work is pending. I suggest that you need to put in more effort if you want to ensure approval and achieve success in sales. Both are equally important for producing high-quality work.

thanks :hearts:

can you suggest some template from the marketplace as an example, please ?

It’s not recommended to look too closely at other marketplace items as the risk to fall in plagiarism is high. Keep that in mind while collecting “inspiration” from other authors. Imagery is good, but your design remains basic and lacks attention to details. This needs a lot of polish and effort on typography to enter the premium segment.


thanks :hearts:

There are some errors on the design, but also css references which do not work. For example on your about page you reference font.css but the link is not right, hence a 404.

I like the overall apppearance, but more attention to details.

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thanks :hearts:

you have error:

this using chrome browser of windows 10

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ok thanks

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just refresh your browser and it will be fixed

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