Your comments about my rejected flyer pls

Your comments about my rejected flyer pls

hi well there is much to say , if the real attempt to bring something new and original needs to be noted , as for me there is much to improve in what u are showing here …

1- readability
fonts, colors , variation and so on are making basically texts rather difficult to read rather than any other thing indeed …

2- typo
sorry to say just this but for me , despite i see your intention to have something more original, font combinations are not working and give a bit of a “messy feeling” to the global style of your item

3- coherence
for me mixing shapes like angular ones and circular ones in the same flyer is something that is not impossible indeed but also vey difficult to accomplish without this is rather messing the job rather than any other thing … here the combination is not properly working at this stage …

4- margins
on top and at the botton, elements are a bit too close from edges , think about it once trimline is done , the margin are too small and the content too close from edges so that the contents can “breath”

5- lack of texture
part of the reason why your work my look incomplete at the moment is that there is nothing in the back, not only are textures being appreciated by people in a general way (this is proven and tested but do not ask me why , i do not know lol) but your background is also a bit too pain and this is also making u lack depth …

6- commercial potential
i have also identified the desire to get closer from Stanley Kubrick movie poster but i am not sure that getting into this style will really bring u a commercial potential …

7- contrast and colors
there is a real lack on contrast in the black version … the central elements do not pop out … on the other hand, the grey version is better about this but , in the meanwhile , is also lacking somehow someway of harmony in terms of colors …

thx very much for detailed comments

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u are welcome , i try my best to help :slight_smile: if u feel like u have enough content for u to improve your item , u can check the "solution " box :slight_smile: good luck and good wok :slight_smile: