Your comment before uploading

Hello please tell me your opinion I not to get rejected

hi, this is cool , if u ask me this would have been even better if the header text was not that very close from the guy’s head and from the top corner, too, not to mention that I do not see the interest of this text out there. Otherwise, u could have a little bit more balance with teams and logos if u had more balanced logos on both sides and that they were matching more with the text … I think that the finition could have been improved, as well , by adding a slight shadow on the text corresponding with the player …

Thanks for your feedback n2n44 but I already made some changes and I upload it already

shifting to yellow was a good idea , though I guess my comments were very relevant and I am wandering what is the point to post here if u already do things by yourself in between and do not really pay attention about what people say