Your clip has the following issues: Errors

After years of contributing to the other major stock footage players, I’m trying to jump into VideoHive. I uploaded my first batch of footage via FTP last night, successfully uploaded my metadata CSV. On the author upload/prepare page it has a summary of errors for the clips in queue to submit, with a total of 0 errors. However, the individual clips have the message “Your clip has the following issues: Errors” listed at the bottom. It’s extremely generic so confusing.

What I’ve noticed though is that all the clips with this message are clips that should have a release attached. The CSV l uploaded includes the proper release information, and I’ve uploaded the release via FTP. After re-running the CSV multiple times, I’m still not seeing the release attached to the files. And there doesn’t seem a way to manually attach a release to a file.

Anyone have thoughts or insight?

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I have the same problem, have you found a solution?