Your Audiojungle Anthem (Just for fun)


A good friend of us, Santi Mago, has created an Anthem for our brand, SnailMusic. We thought it was very funny so I share it with you guys. You can listen to it here on Soundcloud.

Does anyone have an anthem for their brands? Create one! This forum topic can be just for Audiojungle author’s anthems, hahaha.

Big hug! :slight_smile:


Interesting thread - here’s mine:


Nice Anthem @SnailMusic! I can feel the emotion in Santi’s voice :wink:
I imagine meeting @gballx one day, his anthem will be coming trough some speakers and he will enter the scene wearing a cape! That song is epic :smiley:

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And here’s mine, to convey the special gifts authors’ need to get their tracks to appear in search!!! :wink: Whoops helps if you put the link in!

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