Your all time Graph for sales!

Hey friend, I think from 2016 and later the search algorithm and ALL algorithms changed, so I am not saying its the algorithms fault and ONLY, but I really think something is new and we have to figure it out.

I am not even sure what to do now to sell!!! Anyone out there to help? :smiley:

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Except the featured item, it seems that you are kicking it off, whats your secret?

what happened between 2018 and 2019 my friend? :smiley:

Nothing happened. Weโ€™re just 1/3 through 2019 so if the trend continues, 2019 will be the same as 2018. And Iโ€™m happy with that considering all the changes the last year. :grinning:

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oh!! right! :smiley:

Donโ€™t know, maybe growing number of tracks in portfolio. And quality is also improves during time)