Young Startup looking for a Professional WP / HTML Developer (Project Collaboration)

Hello people!

I’m a founder of a small startup, I’m a Designer / Art Director with more than 10 years experience, looking for a professional Wordpress and HTML developer to collaborate on and sell premium themes on Themeforest. please contact me on (at) for more information. Or simply post your answers down here as a comment!

Waiting to read from you guys :slight_smile:

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Hi, may you add my skype: celomitan
Lets discuss what can i do and how a team working

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Haha, I can update to the rc. lol I like it. If you need any angular help with Wordpress, because that’s what all this bulk is causing now, a need to become my dynamic and use wordpress for other intentions for than it’s original purpose which we all know obviously. Buildling a few child themes that go on a main Child theme, and have a few altering nephews is what I’ve done in the past to make it look “so much different” but really I just define the version or versions like going to use, like development or production on ENVIRONMENT but the same thing in json format with xml css and some seed data I build it in Xampp after building it right in Dreamweaver and then I can even FTP it right up to it, or zip it back up and open up the terminal on my apache server and unzip install it, going to wp-admin or whatever I alias it to if I do to make it less wp theme-ish. This is just what I do for professional theme buyers not the average joe for 49 bucks. But I’d be happy to help you out, I like mvc, don’t really like PHP accept as an api to mysql from an angular $http client xhr call. where I combine many of my calls so i’m not constantly many a gazillion http calls in .ajax when I used to use more jquery. Now theres Jquery 3.0 which is a bit better but I still dont use it. I really like the ES6 technologies. Reacts pretty sweet to add to a component too. Usually a site only has one or two React components anything typically the search and maybe a twitter feed or something or drag and drag interface. It all depends on what you want to make. My designs used to suck and then I read a book for once and now I’m doing pretty well. Not 10 years well but nextgen technology before it’s out for the last 3 years well. I’m a traveling implementor and freelancer. I’d love to contributor on the ui side if you’re serious. I have an extensive UI and mobile and multimedia interaction resume for development (unfortunately starting in C#, don’t give me crap. PHP is a language you only stick with forever from what I see from my friends though I pick it up generally fine. Razor 6 MVC is mind boggling nonsense to him even. Gotta admit php’s most versatile language out there ever and will be for a while. Doing html and css templates would be a breeze man. I dont know why you bothered if that’s all you’re wanting to do.

I’m not anything, if you want to chat this is me and I’ll be on Hangouts <— clickkk lolI also speak english if that helps, and I can talk to you night and weekends for free. :slight_smile:

If you are still looking, please, pay attention on my offer.
We are emerging software company, which can secure to you some help with codding. We are open to projects regarldless of its size, and will appreciate your reply.
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Thank you!