You pay once and use unlimited? What is this suppose to mean?



One of the latest approved WordPress theme is advertising this “Don’t miss out the amazing theme, you pay once and use unlimited”

What does the author trying to say here? I guess this should not be allowed as this confuses the buyers even more regarding licenses.


Yeah, that’s a bit naughty.


Envato, please check and tell us if such things are allowed?


Envato does not read this forums topics. You need to report about this problem to


To get faster response you can use twitter. That’s something need to clarify.


i guess they mean that there are no additional fees, or something like this , i think that’s a way to self promote in a way … not sure this is really allowed , good question in any case, interesting issue


Things like this will eventually destroy the marketplace :frowning:


Its sad to see things like this :confused:


I have emailed to support and also tweeted them. They said they will do the needful. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

It’s very possible that ‘Use Unlimited’ isn’t referring to unlimited usage on multiple domains, rather the extensive options the theme offers, or the fact that licenses are “ongoing, non-exclusive, and worldwide” and therefore implying that there isn’t a duration-based usage limit before the buyer is required to buy a new license.

We’re in the process of clarifying this statement with the Item Author to ensure buyers aren’t mislead and the statements made in the demo are compliant with our licensing terms :blush:



Hello Christian,

Actually that statement itself sounds a bit odd even if author’s intention was to mean something else. So, I think the author should rephrase the statement in a more appropriate manner so that it won’t mislead or confuse buyers regarding licenses.

Support is going to launch tomorrow. So, this is very important. Thanks for your quick response. :slight_smile:


Just a little.


We’re the author of WordPress theme mentionted in this thread. We never intended to violate rules or licenses of Envato, although we admit there was ambiguity in that text and changed text appropriately. What we intended was exactly the same as @MhW mentioned.


Thanks for the quick turn around. Good luck with sales. :slight_smile:


That’s good to see :slight_smile: thanks!