You need to stop the flow!

  • Are you satisfied with what your song is no longer relevant in a week after appearing on the market?
  • Nice if you can see in the statistics 3 views in a month?
  • You like to work on a “conveyor belt”?

Why not work on the principle of Uploaded 30 tracks and wait until you get 50 sales (approximately) after you will have the access to Upload another 5 tracks etc. Customers always choose a new one (that’s a fact)

And tracks which have not received attention are waiting for 1-5 sales every six months. (approximately).

But if the “endless” stream of new products to stop, there will be demand for the products that is on the “Aj” for a long time. Still need to delete tracks that do not have sales. It is not necessary to say that maybe someday someone will come and buy “extended license” this is an unacceptable thought… Anyone is constantly evolving and is better on the basis of “delete” of the track, create a new one - applying to it the new knowledge and approach.

The whole point of the work flow.

Hello! With all my respect to you @FoxHorn

You may find this guide helpful from

I read it back in 2016.

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I have never once searched by release date, or chosen a new track over an old one… just because it’s newer. Just so you know.

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Nicely. Continue the fun…