You have the perfect advice for my site to be accepted

Hi guys, I’m trying to upload my item to the themeforest market but it was rejected outright, however, I’d like to know what I did wrong.

According to the answer, it does not meet the quality standards it should have. Can you help me?

This is an ideal website for nutritionists or people who work in the food sector, the item was named “Rachel Adams” because she is the protagonist of the site.

The site demo is here

I will be receiving your feedback, thank you!

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It is an interesting concept, but the design needs some more polishing. Doesn’t feel premium to me, but it is a good start. Header and footer especially look cheap. Also there is no blog detail page? Many elements which should be linked are not (for example social icons in the footer). It just feels incomplete.

Also, I am not sure about the name of this template. Feel free to keep the branding on the demo site, but I would change the name of the template itself to something more conventional. This just feels weird.

Thank you very much, I will keep it in mind

Why are there traces of free bootstrap templates in there?

The coding needs to be original - you cannot use freebie templates, even if you amend the styling etc.

Please change the name of the template :joy::joy::joy::joy:

The truth is that it is not built on another template is 100% authentic.

You should also make sure the HTML code is valid, because right now it isn’t.

Could you explain that a little better please?

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