You can still upload 1 item to this category

hi, I’m new here.

I upload to ThemeForest my WordPress template. but it’s not in Queue. when it goes to upload. it shows this message. " You can still upload 1 item to this category
You are currently allowed 1 item for review at a time. "

I don’t know what to do? Do I re-upload or upload another? help me


You are not able to upload two themeforest item with same category like two WordPress, Two HTML template, Two PSD template etc. When review come for first item then you are able to submit another item.
Hope you understand.


Thank you for reply, is there any place to show pending item line show in my dashboard? how are we know is that approved or reject?

They must sent you a mail if your item approved or soft rejected or hard rejected.If your item is soft rejected then you will see you item in Hidden Item Tab like this =
If your item is approved then that will show in your Portfolio tab like this =

Thanks. But there is empty on “hidden Item”. :frowning: no emails also. how do i know what happen my submit.

Check your Envato Account Mail Id Spam or get in touch with Envato Author Help Center they would like to assist you with an official answer.


Also before review (Status: Queue for Review) you will find in your dashboard menu/tab right sidebar.