Yoast on Pages in GoExplore

I do not know if I’m writing the right place, but I dont understand how this forum works and where my problem should be categorized!

BUT Yoast under Pages in the GoExplore theme doesn’t work! Each time I make SEO / Meta on these specific pages (Pages), the page ends with error (Page Not Found).

A developer has looked at it and believes that there is an error in the theme that makes these post types inconsistent with Yoast - that can’t be right?

What can I do? - I have all the latest updates …

Get in touch with the author of the theme and ask if the theme is compatible / how to make it compatible with Yoast

Thank you, I’ve tried, but somehow that is not possible… :frowning:

Contacting the author is not possible?

As a power elite author it seems less likely that either there are problems in their code or that they don’t have pretty solid support.

What issues are you having contacting them?

Okay … If I pay for support / helpdesk, I can ask my question and if lucky get help to fix a bug in the theme they’ve developed - I dont find that reasonable.

I’ve just paid a lot for a developer, which I hoped could fix the problem, but after hours I was told that it wasn’t possible for them to fix and all I could do was turn to those who developed the theme.

Is there another place I can get help? In another Forum they said they never heard of this problem before… strange.