Yet another theme framework

Hi guys,

Just wanted to ask for your opinion about a WP theme framework I’m coding at the moment. It will be the base of our upcoming WP themes, but I’m planning to keep the framework open source, so others can benefit from it, too (hopefully will have other contributors, too on a nice day).

What it does is listed on this page:
(the site is running on the framework’s starter theme at the moment)

I know it’s not yet on the same level as Redux, Gantry or other mature frameworks, but I’m developing it constantly to make it better and better (while keeping it as lightweight as possible)… I’d appreciate any feedback or ideas.

Ervin / a-idea

put it up on Github.

It has a repo on GitLab at the moment:

Do you think GitHub can be a better option?

gitlab is not an open source code community, not the the same extent as github. If you want someone to contribute github is the way to go.

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Thanks. Will give it a try.

also screenshots would help

and some example snippets of use

Thanks for looking into these. I’m planning to add them in the near future…