Yet another rejection feedback

The music in question

This is meant to be almost a pastiche of an 80/90’s soap/daytime television gameshow intro. I can think of loads of youtubers etc who do stuff like that. How does it not meet the brief?

Overall poor quality.

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About as useful as the rejection message from envato which has numerous topics criticising it.

What is the poor quality?

For starters, the sounds used are low quality. What are you using to produce these sounds?

Yes, it is deliberately low budget. Because if I was parodying a daytime 90’s gameshow, that is the sound I would want. Is there no room in Audiojungle for that sort of thing? Or does anything but corporate cliche get rejected these days?

Which game show theme would be comparable to this? I find it helps to use reference tracks to compare my work with what was used professionally in the real world.

What is the name of your profile on audiojungle please?

I understand what you were aiming for however I do not think Envato allows pastiche tracks. Also I would imagine that reviewers would see your submission as poor quality rather than see it as you intended. Creating a pastiche track as you envisage would probably be a custom / freelance commission as this marketplace deals with off-the-shelf audio tracks. 8-bit and chiptunes are also an area that may lead to rejection (I could be wrong).
I am always up for “left field” tracks especially the more quirkier the better however there needs to be quality (mix & composition & arrangement) to submit to this platform. Niche is very good especially as there are copycat and template track authors here on AJ. Be different yes however be clever, very clever with what you submit. IMHO.

You’re aiming for a retro sound, but you can still try to make it more engaging, driving, less ‘midi’ so to speak. Maybe add some cymbals, drums etc. Also towards the end there is something a bit fishy in the harmony, you might want to check it out.
In the end it remains a risk to upload it here because it’s very niche.