Yet another item rejected. Any suggestion why?

Hi everyone,
this morning the review team rejected my AE template and I’m wondering why. Any suggestion is welcome.

Hi. Sorry for the rejection. If you compare your design with so many projects approved nowadays (even a couple of years ago), you will see that your project is really basic, not much of design work or animation, or something that makes it interesting to be purchased by customers. Watch projects already approved to check the quality level you need to get an approval, is the best you can do first.
Good luck! :+1:


Too basic as pointed out already, and questionable commercial appeal. Who has the need to showcase their logo in a clock? Clock fixing services? Besides that I can’t think of many more use cases. So the usability is just as important as quality.


Thanks both of you for taking the time to review this project.
Will definitely keep in mind your suggestions for future projects


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There’s one more thought to the table, the preview goes, there’s a clock and a logo shows and then in sync with the music comes out photoshop where you set a perspective to text or color and the reviewer was at that time WTF? So, I think, that besides whatever is wrong with this item, there’s also an element of presentation, where you should work on too. It’s out of logic to show it there in sync, because someone looking is not sure is this part of the item, how the item was made or do I have to do that perspective and color to make it work, so any customer would feel very confused about this item. A good solution would be 5 slides flashing text at the end SET COLORS, CHANGE LOGO EASILY and so on. Cheerios :beers: