Yehh!!! Item approved for sale!

Is not for spamming, just i’m happy that my Audio jungle logo was approved!

This post it’s just to share this! I’m happy!

Thanks to everybody!!


Congratulation @davide_martini :tada: Good luck for the sales :slight_smile:

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:yum: :+1: :v: :upside_down: Respect Man !!!

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Nice, good luck with sales!

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Congratulation @davide_martini :tada:

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Congratulations and good luck with sales!

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Well done! :smile: Congrats!


I would like to explore this field… I usually compose from 1 to 4 minutes and for me it’s hard to imagine how to express a single idea in a few seconds… :open_mouth:

…i think that there is not one rule…sometimes for me it’s only expectative and mood…i try to put this and…works! Music is organization and expression, the “right” way to render an idea or a mood changes every time! (IMHO)!

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interesting idea! :smiley:
I’ll try it very soon :slight_smile: