Yeah!! They used my project!

Actually they didn’t, or let’s say I didn’t see it being used. But I would be super excited to see what people use my projects for and what they do with them.

I searched the forum for a threat but only found something similar for audiojungle.

So I suggest we start to post what people used our projects for. And because 1000 eyes see more than only two: What do you think of posting any used videohive projects we find and share them here, so we get a better chance at seeing our projects in action?

This would also be super helpful with respect to getting to know what kinds of customers buy what kinds of projects.

So let me start with something, though I’m not 100% sure it really is his project. But maybe he can tell.

I think I found the Neon Sign Kit by ThomasKovar used for a German magazine cover.

Maybe I’m wrong but I hope you get what I want to start here. How in the world would Thomas ever find out some German magazine used his project. Wouldn’t it be cool to find out about our projects being used half around the world!?

What do you think?

I noticed this a while back:

Amnesty International USA - [‘Tank Man’: “A David and Goliath Moment”][1]
Using [Macrovision][2] by sonorafilms

I did notify the author who was pleasantly surprised.

I’ve just had half a dozen of my clips used in a short documentary on the possibility of the colonization of Mars. It’s not on TV, but a new subscription based documentary site called Curiosity Stream. I think it was set up by one of the founders of the Discovery Channel, so it’s got a bit of pedigree!

Had a clip of mine in a movie trailer on Youtube. It’s had about seven million views at the moment, which is not too shabby. Not sure if the clip will be in the final movie, but if it is, it makes me wonder why there aren’t extended licenses for motion graphics clips, they’re missing a trick there!

And last but not least… unfortunately it wasn’t here, but I sold a clip on another stock site that was used in House of Cards. Not too shabby!

Really cool examples of projects in action!

House of Cards! Wow! That is awesome! Can’t remember any space scene. Which episode?

No, it was in the bad old days before I embraced the space vibe! There was a very stylized, ‘party political broadcast’ style ad right at the beginning of one of the second season episodes… I think it was episode seven… and there was a clip with all the states of the US coming together to form the United States.

Wow, that’s awesome!

It’s hard to be certain if they used my kit or not, but if they didn’t my kit definitely could’ve made their job easier.

Thanks for pointing it out though @Mr_Gallery, even if they didn’t use my kit for that I really appreciate the recognition. Great job on Photo Animator by the way!