Yeah! I am Alite Author now!

Hi, everyone!
I’ve just reached 7’th Level and became Alite Author!
Thank God! Thanks to the community and the Envato team for their help and for giving this
great opportunity to realize my musical talant! Thanks to buyers, to other authors, to my family and to all people who inspired me and helped me get to this level!

Good Luck, Peace and Goodness to All!
Sincerely, Mr. Orange!


Great achievement, congratulations.

Great ! Congrats :slight_smile: Good Luck for power elite author :slight_smile:

Congratulation @MrOrangeAudio :tada: Good luck for more success :slight_smile:

THANK YOU, GUYS!! :wink:

Congratulations, @MrOrangeAudio! Wish you more and more sales!

Great !!! Congrats :tada::confetti_ball:

Thanks, fellas!!

This is awsome! Congrats!

Thank You!!

Congratulations with this HUGE achievement!!:tada::+1:
Wish you to keep moving and get that power elite badge :slight_smile:

Great! Congratulations!

Many thanks, guys!!

Congratulations! @MrOrangeAudio :tada:

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Thank You!! :wink: