Yapiii...!!!! First Template Approved :-)

My First template is approved now. Thanks to Almighty Allah.

I have some questions,
What are the benefits of featured item?
How we can make featured?
What are charges?



Congratulations !!! and best of luck.

Featured items have huge traffic and grab good sales. Envato staff choose an item to be list in featured items. You cannot promote it yourself :frowning:

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A few days after posting Accepted…؟

Okay thanks For your feedback. :slight_smile:

yes, after 3 days of soft reject.

you deserve it man ! good luck !

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Thanks you :slight_smile:

thank you …

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Wow! Congrats :smiley: I know you struggled too much and now today finally your first item approved.

GOOD Luck With Sales :relaxed:

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@KoffeeionMusic Thanks a lot.

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GOOD Luck With Sales ( InsaAllah) :slight_smile:

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Good Luck with Sales Brother :slight_smile:

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Congrats friend. o7

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I have some Questions about Update of my templates.
I want to update some files on my template, Is that I have to provide the new theme demo URL or should I have to update new files to existing URL? will it cast any impact on my existing template?

Is that any way to link WP theme to HTML template For submission? or I have to submit WP theme separately?
Can I update Theme preview ?
Thanks for your answers

Is anyone can help?

Oh. Finally. Congrutulations!

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can you guide about these @DivEngine? if you have experience

Do you mean trending items?

Congratulations :smiley: I wish you have many many sales.

If you want to update item just edit item details upload new zip and tell reviewer about update. You can also edit demo link and other details.
yes, you have to submit wp theme separately if current approved item is html.

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Thanks @codetracks
You helped me a lot. :slight_smile: