Yah!!! Our Item's got 1000 sales!!

Yahh! our theme has 1k+ sales :smile:
And Our total sale is 1268

Looking forward to reaching Elite very soon :smiley: so excited :blush:

Hi @inilabs

Iโ€™ve had to edited this post as providing image to under self-promote is against the forum rules. Please ensure this doesnโ€™t happen again in the future.

This is our Envato forum Rules.


inilabs, What do you expect by saying this? Or some others, why should they say that we are the best?

It is a forum for solving othersโ€™ problems, offering suggestions, providing stuff like that, if you had a great sales, well, itโ€™s good, but never say this to others. Thankful.

This is Envato forum Rules.


Dear Pedroxam,
Did you write something wrong? if yes then tell me what it is, i will fix it. I saw everyone write this type of things, but we actually believe that. But after we respect envato rules and want to follow. just tell me what to do?

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@inilabs Congratulations :slight_smile: