Мy After Effects Project Manager script has been rejected

Мy After Effects Project Manager script has been rejected, it isn’t at the quality standard required.
Can anyone help me understand the reason?
This is a project manager, this is a program for working with AE projects. There is one caveat. Sometimes asks the user to re-generate the thumbnail, but this is very rare. This is hardly a bug. Everything else works.


I think this is valuable and easy to use.
It is good to save some time.

The reason for rejection as I feel is…,

But, we can actually do this without the script.
We can export any comp as .aep file using After Effects software without any script,
and we can also import those .aep files to the Project Window easily.

So, the only extra options this script offer is a preview of the .aep file.
Correct me if I’m wrong… (may be you have more features?)

Hope this helps
Thank You

No, import is not the point.
The script makes it possible to create your own library of projects, sort them by topic, quickly find what you need.
Thank you

I have posted it here so far - Project Manager for After Effects